Work Safe Guide For Amusement Devices

This guide give details on the following topics associated with bouncy castle hire and regulations. Your safety is our priority. We follow strict guidelines to ensure you have a great bouncy castle experience with Love Bouncy Castles.


* What is an amusement device ?

* What is a passenger ropeway ?

* Who should use this guide ?

* Who has duties under the law ?

* How can risks associated with amusement devices be managed ?

* Who is involved ?

* Hiring an amusement device

* Registering an amusement device

* Site Conditions

* Installing an amusement device

* Commissioning an amusement device

* Information, training, instruction and supervision

* Emergency Plan

* The operator of device

* Prior to daily operation

* Public Safety

* Electrical Safety

* Other Control measures

* Inspection, maintenance, repair and storage of amusement devices.

* Repairs and cleaning

* Record Keeping

* Decommissioning and dismantling an amusement device

* Storage of amusement

* Modifying an amusement

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Safety First

Love Bouncy Castles Follows Strict Guidelines To Keep You And Your Children Safe.